My name is Rod Dent. I have been an architectural renderer since 1980, and have created thousands of illustration and painting commissions for clients around the country. This experience enables me to deliver images with very little guidance, on time and on budget. 

Having spent years creating complex perspectives and digital models, I now focus exclusively on traditional 2D renderings used historically in Architectural presentations. The combination of original watercolor painting and digital color mixing.

The added value of this technique is my ability to easily alter colors, material selections as well as design elements with ease, offering a much greater pallet of presentation options for you and your clients. Show them a stucco and stone version or a siding and shingle presentation, all the while providing the timeless look of a watercolor rendering.  

Unlike today’s saturation of "photo real" illustrations, these renderings offer a fresh and original addition to your collateral marketing package. They are perfectly suited for web publishing, printed materials and street signage. They also make an attractive collection for your office or sales center as well as suitable gifts for that special client. 

Most importantly, I take great pride in maintaining the craftsmanship and quality of each illustration. I do the work myself here in the USA and am always available by phone, text, or email.

The Process:

These beautiful handcrafted illustrations are created directly from your CAD elevation, Architectural drawing, Photograph or napkin sketch. They are ideal visual aids during preliminary design and coloring, as well as unique marketing tools. With the saturation of offshore "photo real" imaging, my hand painted hybrid watercolor renderings are both unique and memorable. 

  • Client design and presentation

  • Color and material selections

  • Web Publication

  • Print advertisement

  • Site signage

  • Pre construction marketing

  • Gifts

Email us a CAD file of the elevation (or other reference or visual aid) and we will reply with a quote.

Once commissioned , you will need to provide specific information (if available) such as Colors , Photos and site information.

We will send you color proofs of progress until until completed.

Color adjustments are included.

Once the rendering is complete, we will send the finished file to you via email. You then print or send the file straight to your printer or web designer. 

We collect payment. 





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